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We are experienced Trial Lawyers with over twenty five years of experience.

For the benefit of our clients and the communities that we serve, we have developed this website to provide information about our law firm so that you can make an informed decision as to whether our experience and qualifications can assist you with whatever legal problem you might face.

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We Get Results

Schroth, Schroth & Madigan has successfully represented clients’ interests in a number of important cases. A few examples where our work has made a real difference are found in the adjacent columnbelow. For a more complete list, see our Exceptional Results page.

Exceptional Results

Personal Injury - Man from Texas who did not know how to drive on snow-covered roads lost control of his vehicle and crashed into our client who was driving to her house cleaning job. Before a lawsuit was even filed we were able to negotiate a policy limit settlement over $250,000.
Employment Law - We obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of three female employees in a case against Bank of America that involved claims of sexual harassment and unpaid wages.
Personal Injury - We settled a personal injury truck accident case 3 weeks before trial in Federal Court. The initial Insurance Company offer was $30,000. After hiring us, the Insurance Company paid more than 10 times their original offer.
Personal Injury - Obtained a six figure settlement for an elderly woman who fell and was injured in the parking lot of a local grocery store. We obtained an 80 percent reduction in the medical lien for the client.
Transportation Injuries - Obtained a six-figure settlement against a major transportation company and its bus driver on behalf of child passengers.
Employment Law / Sexual Harassment - Obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of three female employees for sexual harassment and unpaid wages.
Jobsite Injury - Obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of a construction worker who was injured on the jobsite by the negligence of others.
Defending Businesses - We won a case against State Fund who was attempting to retroactively assess $100,000 in premiums against a small newspaper distributor.
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